Making Wood Sandwich Board Signs




We have made a few sandwich boards and signs for the studio in the past but their life span has always been short lived. We are lucky if our signs last a year, because of  Seattle’s harsh weather, and shenanigans from passerby’s. So after making a few we have found an inexpensive fun, and creative way to make our signs. We first found our wood sheets from our local home depot, cut and rounded the edges and corners. We then added the hinges and with a little sanding and Amy’s fine vinyl “weeding” skills, we were ready to apply our vinyl. The vinyl cutter is similar to a digital printer outputting graphics to cut materials a lot different than letterpress printing but for signage for a stationery / design studio it comes in handy. The cutter is really versatile and can cut various materials paper, vinyl, and light plastics. We have found it to be extremely useful for our business, and at the same time efficient as well as economical. Now we can cut, stencils, stickers, shirts, decals or just about anything which can be dangerous for us designers :)! here are a few photos of us experimenting with the vinyl.