Paper Duplexing


business cards letterpress printed by pike street press print studio in seattle yellow french paper poptone lemondrop duplex

Mounting or gluing multiple sheets of paper together is known as duplexing. We mount the sheets together to add more dimension and uniqueness to our printing projects. The more common uses for duplexing are to make the printed piece thicker, as they only make paper in certain weights and thickness’s. Another use is to have multiple┬ácolors on each side of paper, which adds a solid color to design with. ┬áCheck out some of our latest work for inspiration, also see more in our portfolio.

Papers used top to bottom:

French paper Lemondrop (Yellow) + 110lb Cranes lettra Florescent (white)

+ 110lb Cranes lettra Florescent white

+ 110lb Cranes lettra Florescent white

business card printing seattle foil print company custom letterpress

hand printing seattle letterpress black on black press business cards quality lawyer card

business card printing seattle letterpress grey paper white foil print

business card printing seattle white foil red paper duplex letterpress 01