Making Custom Envelopes

We wanted to make some fun envelopes that pop! Using Astrobrights Paper text weight paper and printing only 1 color black we were able to mix in a variety of fun colors.  This all starts at the design process and laying out graphics so they are spaced correctly after being glued and folded. After many mock up and test sheets we finally got the design ready for press. After printing our sheets, it was off to the envelope converter. We used ECS here in Seattle, they are awesome to work with and allowed us to come in and take some cool shots of their old equipment. To walk you through the process we have captioned the photos.

heidelberg printing press seattle letterpress
Letterpress printing 1 color black on multiple colors of paper.
printing plate seattle
Relief letterpress printing plate “in reverse” mounted into chase.
printing plate seattle letterpress
Plate is loaded into press and ready for printing.
printing envelopes seattle letterpress
Printing is centered and squared ready to run all the paper.
astro brights paper blue letterpress printed in seattle
Prints are all finished with die marks printed for converter.


astrobrights paper seattle printing
Printing is all done, now off to converters!
custom envelope die cut shape
Paper is first die cut to the shape of the folds (using die marks for alignment of die).
envelope converting machine
Paper is loaded into the large converting machine.
envelope machine seattle
Glue is warmed and prints are ready to run.
envelope printing seattle
Sheets are then separated and spaced.
envelope converting machine
Envelopes are now fed through about an inch apart to help feed through for folding.
envelope printing machine seattle
Glue is rolled on right before the paper is folded over (green rollers).

envelope folding machine

Flaps are folded over in glued areas.

envelope converting seattle
As the paper is fed the rollers applies glue to envelope flap.

custom made envelopesPhoto of glue applied to flaps from rollers. 

custom envelope printing

After being fed through now the envelopes are fed out nicely.

custom envelope printing

Envelopes are checked for quality and pressed by hand to insured crisp folds.

custom letterpress envelopes

Packaged and ready for mailing!