vinyl door design

Door Signage

After rebranding we had to replace a majority of our shop signage, from aboards, to mini signs, to shop hours. But this time we decided to have fun with on of the doors on the shop that was lets say “boring”. So with a little designing and layout we think we came up with something Read More »

wood sign advertising

Making Wood Sandwich Board Signs

We have made a few sandwich boards and signs for the studio in the past but their life span has always been short lived. We are lucky if our signs last a year, because of  Seattle’s harsh weather, and shenanigans from passerby’s. So after making a few we have found an inexpensive fun, and creative way Read More »

Seattle Chalk Wall

We created a chalk wall outside of our shop to cover up the ongoing graffiti, and since it has been getting a lot of attention by passerby’s. The walls are in a perfect spot below the pike hill climb stairs.  The hand lettering is done by Amy Jean Miller, and the cute jack russell by Read More »

Seattle Pike Street Press

Storefront Painting Project

What a project! When we decided to put a sign up for the storefront, we wanted something that was unique and legible from afar. If you have not visited us we are located on the Seattle waterfront, and tucked away under the viaduct “aka” camp homeless “aka”ground zero. Being tucked away 300 feet from the Read More »

antique letterpress

Construction of Pike Street Press

After a lot of hard work and effort and many helping hands from friends and family we have finally opened for business! With our presses finally operational we can now print, and this is very exciting! A lot more work to come. Here are some complied photos from painting efforts and moving in the large Heidelberg Read More »