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 We have so many great cards in the shop for Valentine’s Day. Come visit us in store or order online to spread some love this holiday!

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Sometimes BuzzFeed just gets me.

24 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Stationery

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What we Live by.

Measure twice cut Once! : This goes a long way in the printing industry better make sure one last time before making critical paper cuts and measurements. Quality has no fear of Time: This is one of our favorites, in an evolving world that demands a quicker and quicker stimulation we say, no need to Read More »

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The Backside of Pike Place Market

We’ve never thought of ourselves as the backside of anything, but thanks to this cute lil’ blog post; we’re proud to be considered the sweet ass of our wonderfully historical market place! Check out the rest of Rain or Shine’s post to discover some other hidden gems in Seattle’s wondrous Public Market. Rain Or Shine Guides Read More »

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Door Signage

After rebranding we had to replace a majority of our shop signage, from aboards, to mini signs, to shop hours. But this time we decided to have fun with on of the doors on the shop that was lets say “boring”. So with a little designing and layout we think we came up with something Read More »

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Letterpress Greeting Cards

We have been printing around the clock to get our holiday cards printed for this year. Please visit our shop on Etsy to purchase, Custom greeting cards are also available just email us or fill out our estimate form here. Happy holidays!

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We have been working a lot lately with overprinting. Overprinting refers to the process of printing one color on top of another. Bringing these basic colors together allows us to have an additional color from combing the printed layers. With this overprinting technique, we can achieve colorful results from using just 2-3 colors. In our example we printed 5 Read More »

Winning Dad — Letterpress Father’s Day Cards

We produced these wonderful Father’s Day greeting cards for Winning Dad, a film project on Kick Starter by Arthur Allen, you should check it out here. The letterpress greeting cards are given to the backers on Kick Starter, so be sure to donate before Father’s Day! Filming by Julia Bruk Winning Dad this Father’s Day

Seattle Seahawks Sweatpants

We made a few Seahawks style sweatpants and people loved them! They are available through seaslope. Check out their Etsy shop here.  

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Construction of Pike Street Press

After a lot of hard work and effort and many helping hands from friends and family we have finally opened for business! With our presses finally operational we can now print, and this is very exciting! A lot more work to come. Here are some complied photos from painting efforts and moving in the large Heidelberg Read More »