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How ‘Bout That Type?!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to type, I get down right giddy! Looking at, shaping, discovering or researching letters are all just about the most enriching things I do as a designer. Having said that, here’s a list of some of my very favorite inspirational and educational blogs, foundries, design firms and more. Read More »

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What we Live by.

Measure twice cut Once! : This goes a long way in the printing industry better make sure one last time before making critical paper cuts and measurements. Quality has no fear of Time: This is one of our favorites, in an evolving world that demands a quicker and quicker stimulation we say, no need to Read More »

screen printing

Screen Printing Tee Shirts

photo above: Sarah Russell our designer just screen printing for her first time! We designed and printed some tee shirts using our small screen printing press we bought online. We often screen print bags and shirts for our promotional materials, and have screen printed a few small jobs for friends and family. We found that Read More »

wood sign advertising

Making Wood Sandwich Board Signs

We have made a few sandwich boards and signs for the studio in the past but their life span has always been short lived. We are lucky if our signs last a year, because of  Seattle’s harsh weather, and shenanigans from passerby’s. So after making a few we have found an inexpensive fun, and creative way Read More »

Pike St. Press — Letterpress Print + Design Video

This great video was shot by Andrew Petersen. Andrew was in town last month, on his way to Thailand for a photo shoot and spent some time with us collaborating on some work.We first met Andrew when he came across our studio back in 2011(when we first opened), and we shared the same enthusiasm for each Read More »

Seattle Pike Street Press

Storefront Painting Project

What a project! When we decided to put a sign up for the storefront, we wanted something that was unique and legible from afar. If you have not visited us we are located on the Seattle waterfront, and tucked away under the viaduct “aka” camp homeless “aka”ground zero. Being tucked away 300 feet from the Read More »

Must Have Letterpress Printing Books

MUST HAVE LETTERPRESS BOOKS – Here is a list of some of our favorite letterpress books and must haves to any printers collection. 1. LETTERPRESS PRINTING – A manual for modern fine printers First edition. Letterpress Printing is the comprehensive sourcebook for beginning and intermediate letterpress printers. Using clear explanations of technical terms and more than 80 illustrations, Read More »

Inks On Press

We love the smell of fresh ink on press, and what we love even more is wonderful split inked colors that come to life on press. While printing, no one print is entirely the same! Check out these wonderful photos of split inks on press:

Sustainable Printing

Here at Pike Street Press, we pride ourselves on providing beautiful and unique products that are also earth friendly. We use 100% cotton, tree-free paper, low-VOC cleaners, inks, and more! Here’s how we’re working to help save the environment: We print sustainably, with low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) inks, and low-VOC solvents. We recycle our photo Read More »

Thank YOU Drew!

Come check out some new beautiful artwork in the gallery by Mr. Drew Christie Go to Pike Street Press