Love letterpress greeting cards

Mail more love!

 We have so many great cards in the shop for Valentine’s Day. Come visit us in store or order online to spread some love this holiday!

diamond letterpress wedding invitation

What The Fold?

There are so many ways to set your stationery apart, but one of the most impactful ways is the folding. With endless folding styles to choose from, it’s easy to make a lasting memory out of a simple card! Here are just a few of the most popular folds:  

blue and orange letterpress greeting card

Write someone. Right now.

In an age dominated by digital correspondence, it can be challenging to sit down and hand write a memo, a note, a letter. But what if you actually did it; and frequently. Not only are there proven physical and mental benefits to handwriting messages, there is so much more to a well thought out and expressive Read More »

dad letterpress greeting card

Father’s Day Cards

June 15th is Father’s Day and it’s coming up fast! We’ve just finished creating some new cards just for the occasion. Come by the shop to check them out or order a few from our Etsy shop! These cards are custom designed, printed, and available to purchase in our shop. If you are interested in having your own Read More »

coffee letterpress greeting card

Coffee Greeting Cards

We have been selling our greeting cards to our local coffee shop, Rococo Caffe for quite sometime now, and we finally got around to creating some coffee themed cards. We decided to do a little photo shoot around the roaster to get some good shots.  We are super excited! What’s more to love than fresh coffee and fresh Read More »

holiday letterpress greeting card

Letterpress Greeting Cards

We have been printing around the clock to get our holiday cards printed for this year. Please visit our shop on Etsy to purchase, Custom greeting cards are also available just email us or fill out our estimate form here. Happy holidays!

holiday letterpress greeting card

Christmas Feature 2012, Whaaa?!

Check it out, we’re considered a “top 10” of something! Thank you so much, we think you’re great too! Take a look at the rest of the list, these guys are pros! (“Hoo Hoo Hoo” illustrated by Pike St. Press in-house designer/illustrator Sarah Russell)

Winning Dad — Letterpress Father’s Day Cards

We produced these wonderful Father’s Day greeting cards for Winning Dad, a film project on Kick Starter by Arthur Allen, you should check it out here. The letterpress greeting cards are given to the backers on Kick Starter, so be sure to donate before Father’s Day! Filming by Julia Bruk Winning Dad this Father’s Day