White and gold letterpress business card

Gold foil Edge Business Cards

Project: Letterpress Business Cards Printed on 220lb Cranes Lettra Pearl White with Blind Press and gold foil edgepainting– Client Design Handprinted at our Seattle Location on our letterpress printing press.

letterpress machine

What we Live by.

Measure twice cut Once! : This goes a long way in the printing industry better make sure one last time before making critical paper cuts and measurements. Quality has no fear of Time: This is one of our favorites, in an evolving world that demands a quicker and quicker stimulation we say, no need to Read More »

white and blue letterpress business card

Takin’ It To the Next Level

When it comes to business introductions, we all know you really only get one chance to impress a potential employer. Leaving a positively impactful business card is a pretty significant step. You’re basically handing over a physical representation of yourself, so it should probably reflect how awesome you are, right? RIGHT! And let’s face it, those potential employers out there have Read More »

Black and white letterpress business card

Bossen Photography

Brooksbossenstudio.com  Set’s the bar for a photography studio with these modern business cards. Seattles Printed on 220lb Cranes Lettra Edgepainted Black

kraft letterpress business card


Rake Made Hair Products Seattle Seattle’s hair and beard care company. Letterpress Printed 100lb Cover Desert Storm Recycled Kraft

colorful letterpress business card

French Paper Business Cards

There’s been more than one occasion where we’ve run out of business cards. When we’re going 100% on our client’s unique projects, sometimes it’s hard to buckle down and focus on internal needs. Well, we put our heads together and came up with an interesting concept to make visually interesting cards at VOLUME. We started with Read More »

Paper Duplexing

  Mounting or gluing multiple sheets of paper together is known as duplexing. We mount the sheets together to add more dimension and uniqueness to our printing projects. The more common uses for duplexing are to make the printed piece thicker, as they only make paper in certain weights and thickness’s. Another use is to Read More »